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2023 Tesla Model 3 - frunk light install

Let there be light!


Had an issue some days ago, getting out the charger cable out of the frunk in the dark. No light source apart from the headlights, no chance to see inside the frunk whatsoever. So I decided to do something about it. One 22€ kit from AliExpress and 15 minutes of work later, see above.

Originally posted on FinalGear Forums

Install is really easy - there’s a plastic trim piece that covers the lock mechanism and contains the “emergency escape” button, which lights up (dimly) when the frunk is open. The LED strip plugs into the connector of that button with a Y adapter, and the strip itself is secured under the rubber gasket on the edges of the frunk. Very simple and completely reversible if necessary.

Next up, trunk LEDs (same ones I used in the old car) and puddle lights in the doors.