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Tag: 3d-Print

Various 3D-printed home improvement items

I’ve been doing mostly home improvement / decoration stuff in the new apartment with the printer recently.

Some of the projects, probably missing a few smaller ones:

Housings for Ikea Tradfri and Styrbar (designed by myself) Zigbee light switches.

Ikea Skadis tool holders (+ hooks, more hooks, kitchen paper roll holder, screwdriver holder) for the workshop, and Oculus / gamepad holders for the computer desk.

Pipeline stoplight: making a GitLab CI pipeline status visible

A question I often run into in our trunk-based project at work is:

Can I push onto the current master, or is it broken again?

Yes, one should primarily concern oneself with the root cause of this question even existing and attempt to fix it, but I’m afraid in this project it’s a lost cause. So instead, I’ve taken to the next best thing I could think of: preventing myself and fellow team members from pushing more changes on a red pipeline and making things even worseβ„’.

Introducing the Pipeline Stoplight, or: “Don’t push unless this thing is green”:

Pipeline stoplight in its natural environment

Making it was a nice, fairly simple DIY exercise combining the following aspects:

  • 3D printing (the casing)
  • Electronics (simple circuit design and soldering)
  • Arduino programming (reading the pipeline status from the GitLab API via WiFi)